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Police Officer Recruit/Police Officer Lateral

*******************HIRING BONUS $7500***********************************

Work any post, assignment, or shift to support the 24-hour per day, 7-day a week operation. This includes nights, weekends, and holidays; and when the need arises, adjust their schedule to accomplish a mission or operational need. 2) Effectively perform duties on a routine basis where at any time the incumbent may need to respond to calls involving stressful, traumatic, dangerous, and unpredictable situations. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (con’t): 3) Detect, deter, investigate, and stop criminal activity. This includes: a) Patrolling assigned area via vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, aircraft, or on foot. b) Using verbal persuasion to encourage compliance. c) Performing crowd/riot control. d) Conducting surveillance. e) Interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects. f) Identifying and collecting/seizing evidence, property, and contraband. g) Detaining, searching, arresting, and transporting potentially violent suspects. h) Applying sound judgement to respond with a level of force appropriate to the situation at hand. i) Potentially using lethal and non-lethal equipment. 4) Protect, serve, and earn the trust and respect of the community. This includes: a) Maintaining a professional appearance and attitude at all times. b) Resolving disputes and disturbances. c) Working with the community and community groups to reduce crime. d) Addressing community concerns. e) Interacting with, assisting, and possibly transporting incapacitated persons, vulnerable persons, or persons in need of emergency assistance. f) Functioning as a first responder in all regards, including providing lifesaving support, such as first aid or CPR, when necessary. 5) Make an arrest, including the ability to physically handcuff a suspect. 6) Operate a personal or City vehicle on official Police business. This includes: a) Having the mental and physical ability to operate a motor vehicle. b) Possessing and maintaining a valid driver’s license. c) Maintaining an acceptable driving record. d) Operating a vehicle at high speeds, in pursuits or emergencies, in a variety of traffic and weather conditions. e) Serve Court Orders. 7) Monitor and enforce traffic activity. This includes: a) Observing traffic. b) Identifying, citing, arresting, and booking violators. c) Conducting traffic stops and roadside sobriety tests. d) Directing traffic. e) Securing, managing, and investigating traffic accident scenes and hazardous roadway conditions. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (con’t): 8) Use advanced communication skills in the English language in writing, by phone, using a police radio system, or in person in a group or one-on-one setting, including: providing detailed and accurate reports on police matters; presenting legal testimony in a court setting, in both criminal and civil matters; and communicating with members of the public in challenging settings. 9) Perform duties in situations that range from physically inactive to situations requiring extreme physical exertion. 10) Maintain job readiness, including attending periodic training, practicing with firearms and other service weapons, and successfully completing annual firearms qualification. 11) Maintain regular, reliable, and punctual attendance. 12) City of Phoenix employees must model the City’s mission, vision, and values. This includes commitment to exceptional customer service, integrity, transparency, diversity, personal empowerment, teamwork, professionalism, and creativity and innovation. 13) Maintain AZPOST certification throughout the duration of employment in the position.