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Welcome to the Leverage Companies Internship Program, an extraordinary platform that enables aspiring individuals to embark on an exciting journey in the world of real estate and private equity. As a fully integrated real estate and private equity company with multiple thriving verticals, including Wholesale, Holdings, and Private Equity, Leverage Companies aims to make a positive economic impact in every market we touch. Our dedication to becoming a national market leader in sourcing and capitalizing on real estate investment opportunities sets us apart in the industry. As a five-year-old start-up, we offer a distinctive experience, providing interns with an exclusive opportunity to explore our niche role in the real estate market and develop essential skills for their future endeavors.

Over the next few years, Leverage Companies is set to undergo massive expansion, propelling us into new heights of success. To accomplish this ambitious goal, we seek talented interns like you to join our strong sales, loaning, and marketing teams, guiding us through our period of rapid growth.

Our Internship Program is thoughtfully designed to be project-based, granting you exposure to various critical tasks within your designated department over the course of four months. Each department will host one intern, creating an intimate and focused learning environment. Throughout the internship, you will engage in diverse small-scale projects weekly, allowing you to immerse yourself in real-world challenges. Your final project will be a culmination of your learnings, to be presented in front of department heads, showcasing your ability to propose innovative solutions to industry-related problems.

We are seeking diligent, ambitious individuals with a genuine interest in the realms of real estate and private lending.

The Leverage Companies Internship Program presents a gateway for aspiring leaders to flourish in the realms of real estate and private equity. With our commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and hands-on experience, you will be empowered to tackle challenges head-on and emerge as a confident and accomplished professional. Come join us on this exciting expedition as we shape the future of real estate and private equity, creating lasting impact and driving our company towards greater success.